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November 15th 2014

The Truth Is, Diets Only Work When Exercise Accompanies Them

diets “30 Days to Thinner Thighs Without Exercise”

“Attain Perfect Health on Bee Pollen Diet”

“Lose 25 Pounds Without Dieting”

“Look Like Sylvester Stallone Without Lifting a Single Set of Weights”

It is hard not to get caught up in the excitement. Imagine having the body of a famous model or your favorite sports hero without even trying. Just take “their” product and you are on your way!

Wait a minute. It’s time for a reality check. Like it or not, a great-looking, healthy body cannot be bought at the store. You have to “make” it yourself.

Where Do I Begin?

Unfortunately, the above claims will only lighten your wallet, not your body. So where do …

November 1st 2014

Carbs: They’re Not All Bad, We Say

glucoseHave you ever wondered what ancient peoples ate? Carbohydrates. These foods have noruished the vast majority of the world’s population for thousands of years. Seeds such as rice, wheat, corn, and beans and roots such as potatoes and cassava still provide the major source of calories for people around the world.

Only the wealthy have been able to afford large amounts of animal foods. The prosperous Western cultures, including the United States, have traditionally made meat main part of meals.

That focus is changing at last. Health experts say that Americans need to increase the amount of carbohydrates and decrease the fat in their diet. Health-conscious eaters are opting for more complex carbohydrates.…

October 15th 2014

Electronic Document Distribution Takes Hold

eddPaper, still the most prevalent means of communication in business use today, is not always the most effective way to share information across an enterprise, and it is certainly not the most friendly to the environment.

Electronic document distribution is quickly becoming the fastest, most cost-effective and environmentally friendly means of business communication, both within and between businesses and public sector organizations.

The workgroup concept has also been instrumental in bringing electronic document distribution to business offices. To be productive, teams of workers need to share information in a timely manner. Groupware can facilitate the rapid flow of information among business teams: a sales representative distributing purchase orders; a manager sending out an interesting magazine

October 2nd 2014

Paper Still Haunts Workplaces

pshwRemember how technology was supposed to liberate offices from the tyranny of paper? It didn’t.

Despite the near-universal use of computers in offices across North America, the paperless office has yet to become reality. However, Silanis Technologies Inc., a Montreal company, has come up with a solution that may not make paper disappear completely but could go a long way toward fulfilling the paperless promise.

Most documents today are created on computers and we could avoid the high cost of paper if we could just store them electronically.

Unfortunately, business requires signed originals.

Most engineering firms must comply with the ISO 9000 specification which requires that the authorization of technical documentation be verifiable, and that …